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Generator Services

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Protect your home or business’s critical circuits from power outages with a professionally installed standby generator. Never worry again about the power going out and being left in the dark. Let our certified technicians size the right generator for your needs; whether that be to backup your entire home’s electrical system or wanting to back up just a few critical circuits.

We can professionally install your new generator without hassle or worry to give you that peace of mind you are looking for in the event of an outage.

In the Event of an emergency feel confident that you will be able to function at all times even if an electrical outage hits your area.

A standby generator is a convenient tool you can use to protect your home or business from lost power outages. A generator can be a great investment for your home, not only for your safety and security, but it will raise the value of your home!

During long power outages throughout the year (which can be destructive), perishable foods can go bad in refrigerators and freezers and pipes can freeze with no heat; just to name a few. Whether due to a natural disaster, storm, or even a damaged pole or powerline in your neighborhood, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SLEEP AT NIGHT KNOWING YOU HAVE RELIABLE BACKUP POWER FOR DAYS AT A TIME!!

A backup standby generator is permanently installed on a pad outside your home, fueled by an external fuel source such as natural gas, LP and diesel. These are then wired directly to an automatic transfer switch. This transfer switch will detect a power outage and automatically start your generator and transfer your homes power source from utility to generator; EVEN WHILE YOU SLEEP, YOU’RE AT WORK, AND EVEN WHEN YOU’RE AWAY ON VACATION! With WIFI capabilities, you now will be able to monitor the status of your new generator at all times!

We also offer smaller portable generators for your home. These generators will take of 8-15 critical circuits in your home depending on size. These are usually stored away until needed. During an outage you would pull out and start the generator. Then plug into an external plug that will fit your generators cord. A manual transfer switch would then control which critical circuits you would like to have powered during an outage.

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